Recording & Transcript of BPPA seminar

On March 26th I gave a presentation of my current graduate research as part of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association’s 2021 seminar series, and the recording of the talk (which took place via Zoom) is now available.

Note: For those who use or rely on closed captions – I had a last-minute tech failure on the day of the talk and had to use my (pretty inadequate) laptop microphone. Because of the slightly patchy audio quality, the CART system captions were terrible. The automatic captions on YouTube are better but still not totally accurate, so we’ve provided a full transcript of the talk at this link instead.

Massive thanks to the BPPA for inviting me to speak and for running this seminar series – and extra thanks to Nino Kadic for fielding my accessibility demands and then putting all the work in when my own tech failed.

I solemnly swear I will buy a new microphone…

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