‘Revolutions’ documentary film

Hello to everyone who’s visited this website after seeing me in the documentary film Revolutions (2016), which screened on RTÉ television this week. The film was shot between 2011 and around 2014 – which seems like decades ago now. Apart from a brief stint with Coccyx Lexis Roller Derby in Perpignan, I haven’t been involved with the sport since then. But I still love it – and Cork City Firebirds are still flying, celebrating ten years in action this year, and getting back to training now the lockdowns are (hopefully) over.

Revolutions doesn’t seem to be available on the RTÉ Player (or not yet at least) but it can be streamed online through the film website here.*


If you wanted to try derby after watching it but think you’re too something-or-other (too old, too young, too scared, too short, etc.), try this article.

If we skated and trained and fought and supported and cried together back then – thank you. Feel free to get in touch. The body gets old but the heart remembers.

*There used to be a drinking game to go with the film, where you had to take a shot every time my hair colour changed. But obviously I don’t condone or recommend any unhealthy shenanigans like that.

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